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Rachel Smith Only Lily.jpg
book of penteract.png

Only Lily


I am pleased to have 3 works in this new anthology celebrating the breadth of current visual poetry. The Book of Penteract is a testament to the work that Penteract Press have achieved over the last few years in growing a  community of visual poetry.

My works come from the ongoing series Traces of Reading which respond to my visual reading of my current reading list. Only Lily is made as part of an ongoing project in response to reading Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse

Catching Sight of the Salt Cellar


I am thrilled to have my work included in this Anthology:  Salon for a Speculative Future, edited by the wonderful Monika Oechsler. It is published by MA Bibliotheque. This book hosts imaginative thinking by seventy-five women artists, sharing their influences, inspired by women’s contributions to diverse fields, from art, education, and science to political activism. Salon for a Speculative Future honours and shares insights and experimental thinking towards a positive future.

layered text and digital photograph
Front cover of a Book



This Penteract Press Anthology explores Myth and Metamorphosis, and contains work by Sacha Archer, Christian Bok, Luke Bradford, Lucy Dawkins, and Mary Francis among others..


My contribution Labyrinth uses available stories of Ariadne and the Labyrinth to write a palimpsest in the shape of a traditional maze, with one route in and out. 

Myth and Metamorphosis book cover
Rachel Smith Labyrinth vispo
Dostoyevsky Sheffield anthology cover
Lines That Echo

The Sheffield edition of the Dostoyevsky Wannabe 

Cities, which is edited by the brilliant Emma Bolland. I am really pleased to be included in this book in such good company alongside Helen Blejerman, Angelina D'Roza. Tim Etchells, Rachel Genn, and Sharon Kivland, The works inside write to, around, and through the city of Sheffield.


My own work titled Lines that Echo, traces rhizomatic lines through the city while thinking through Umberto Eco's writing on the 'Encyclopaedia as Labyrinth'. Image is from a reading and drawing performance. 

book page being drawn on
Yellow bananaramaArtWriting
Guilty Winter

BananaramaArtWriting is produced with Emma Bolland and Louise Finney. We have followed a critical / creative writing path through several Bananarama singles, including  Cruel Summer (1984),  Venus (1986), and I Want You Back (1988). Written under a ‘pop constraint’, this pamphlet also  includes an A3 full colour fold out poster based on the original photograph (taken by Sarah ‘Smizz’ Smith) that was the original impetus for the work.

banarama art writing poster
Concrete and Constraint.png

This Anthology explores current work by Derek Beaulieu, Lucy Dawkins, Helen Frank, Petra Schulze-Wollgast amongst others. In my contribution the rhizomatic conjunction stutters as three materials trace a Deleuzian ‘line of flight’ across the page reaching for the space in-between. 

This image comes out of my artist residency Interrupteur at the University of Sheffield, exploring collaborative practices between artists and academics through dialogue, material and the unexpected encounter. 

AND AND AND crop2.png
Party Notation

Anne Boyer says of this group: ’If the Roland Barthes Reading Group were a church, I would be a member of its congregation.’ 

The group reads and writes through Barthes’s text The Preparation of the Novel. Here, his description of a Party has sparked a range of responses from the Group.

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