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Lines of Flight

Part of the AMBruno project [sic]


I frequently use rhizomatic frameworks as both method and metaphor for my making and thinking processes.


The rhizome can be seen as a tangle of networks whose anatomy has multiple entry points and connections which are reformed with every reading. Nothing is fixed or hierarchical. Everything is transitional and has the potential to be reconfigured, or continually reworked and rethought. This is in opposition to books which generally assume a linear sequence, whose structure is both fixed and laid out in a singular direction.


The premise of this work is to explore ways of forcing these two contradictory systems together.


lines of flight page.jpg

The rhizomatic drawing traces my thoughts in response to some of the writings by Deleuze and Guattari in relation to the rhizome. They propose: ‘The ideal for a book would be to lay everything out […] on a single page’. 


The flat diagrammatic drawing is physically fragmented, scanned, and thrust into the paginated structure of a book. Lines of thought transverse the book surface, split apart, opening further potential spaces inside the whole. In the process of shifting from one system into another, unexpected ruptures have been formed and fragments of information have become lost. Once printed the book surface has been further drawn into, keeping the work developing in a way that suggests the provisional nature of the process. There remains room for future reconstructions.

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