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Tracing Shadows: Catching Sight of the Salt Cellar

Drawing, Photography, Text.


Current and ongoing work.

A project in which I am documenting the process of  read(writ)ing my associative journey through To The Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf.

This work in process enacts my disruptive devotion to reading Virginia Woolf’s novel. It follows my distractions and associations and visualises my circuitous route through the book. Drawings shift between representation and abstraction and respond to punt moments of reading. Objects in the book connect to equivalents in familiar domestic spaces. The voices of she. her, I and Lily entwine to question any sense of self.

I recently performed a fragment of the developing text work at the online Ligatures event. This was a collaborative event and will be broadcast between Soft-Shell Radio at Glasgow School of Art, oHPo Radio at Sheffield Hallam University, and Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow.

Listen here:


Tracing ShadowsRachel Smith
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This photographic text work was part of the Salon for a Speculative Future group exhibition at Chisenhale Studios in London. It was included in the accompanying book, published by MA BIBLIOTHEQUE. Available to purchase here

RachelSmith Brushing off Shadows of Doub

Brushing off Shadows of Doubt

watercolour graphite, graphite powder, graphite sticks

Shown as part of the Prosaic Show

21 Sept-31 October 2020

at the Globe Arts in Huddersfield

Other ongoing drawings and fragments from the project:

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